Advertising medium that is usually a single, standard-size page printed on one or both sides with an advertising message also, Flyers are most often used in direct-mail advertising and as handbills given to customers by local retailers.
Envelopes are basically packaging materials made of coated, non coated, handmade paper, inside neted with self adhesives to peel out and seal important stationary items as cheque, quotations, letters, invoice, invitation card, brochures so on... Shivani enterprises offer with window and non window, big and small, opening from top or side with laminated or non laminated. Standard sizes 10x4.5, 10x12, 10x14, 12x16 inch, paper thickness 70 gsm to 130 gsm.
The presentation of a well designed catalogue can have a great impact on the prestige of the company. If you have a non professional catalogue it will directly affect you repute. A catalogue is just a booklet that contains the publicity material of a company's products or services.
Brochure is a marketing tool, introduced by a marketing company or an organization to their prospective about their contact, product details with feature, benefits etc. It helps to sale for generate revenue.
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